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Residential & Commercial
Limited Warranty

We provide every GMI customer with a 10 year limited warranty on all of our materials. The option to repair or replace the material is at the sole discretion of Genuine Materials Inc. Please be informed that our material color or design may vary from our website photos or samples.

The GMI customer is responsible to do a visual inspection of all materials at the time of pick up or delivery.

Our warranty will not cover:

  1. Chips around the edges

  2. Surface scratches (highly scratch resistant but not scratch proof)

  3. Polish marks

  4. Color variances (matching)

    1. The customer is responsible to do a visual inspection of the material at the time of pick up or delivery, and again prior to fabrication (if matching is needed).​

GMI will not cover improper installation or fabrication of material by an installer / fabricator.

GMI will not cover product mishandling, improper care and/or maintenance:

  1. Chemical abuse

  2. Improper use of material once installed

  3. Impact / physical damage

  4. Damages during transit

  5. Damage caused while material is stored

GMI will not cover damage resulting from:

  1. Flooring application

  2. Exposure to direct sunlight

  3. Extreme heat / Thermal shock

  4. Outdoor application

  5. Extreme weather conditions

  6. Exposure to UV light

WARNING: Cutting or polishing stone products without water and a face mask can be extremely hazardous. The dust created during this process can cause serious respiratory problems, including lung cancer, silicosis, and other lung diseases. Always use water and wear a face mask when cutting or polishing stone products to minimize the risk of dust exposure. Failure to use water during the cutting or polishing process can result in serious injury or death.

This 10 year limited warranty does not apply if the care and maintenance we have recommended is not adhered to.




Please contact our Sales Representatives for more information regarding our Warranty and Return Policy.



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